All About Me

Goodness, our second week has been just as busy as our first!
We have settled in to our routines, and are becoming very good at remembering to carry out our self-registration when we come in by placing our name stones into the welcome basket.
We have continued to explore our indoor and outdoor settings, trying our hardest to increase our independence skills by tidying our things away when we have finished with them, and putting on our own waterproof suits and wellingtons so we can explore the garden whatever the weather.
The children enjoyed splashing in the rain in their waterproof suits - many decided to try and catch the rain water to make a rainbow potion and we used the musical instruments in the classroom afterwards to try and recreate the sound of the rain landing on the ground, the slide and the leaves. Lots of fun has been had.
We have been developing our friendships by being kind friends and good listeners, letting others join in our play and taking their ideas into account.  We have been trying hard to take turns and share fairly, which sometimes can be hard when there are lots of new resources to explore, however by taking a quick look at our photographs it will show just how well we have been doing.