Anti- bullying week

We have been learning all about how to be a good friend this week. We have shared some lovely ideas about how we can do this, from sharing our things, helping others when they are hurt or sad, inviting everyone to join in our games, to even just showing a happy face to cheer our friends up!
Every day, we already practice these things and try hard to be a kind friend, so we really impressed Rachel, our teacher from the Bigfoot Theatre Company, who came in to share a workshop with us. We used our good listening ears to listen to other peoples ideas, and waited patiently for our turn to speak without interrupting. We met her special puppet friend Tom, who we all thought was brilliant, and we definitely helped to show him how good of a friend we are by saying such lovely things to him.
Every day we partake in our Special Person session, where a new person is chosen each day, and we all join together to share reasons as to why that person is special. It is heart warming to hear all of the things the children celebrate and appreciate about each other, and every day, the special person sits proudly, grinning from ear to ear as they are reminded just how special they are!