Autumn 1: All About Me!

What a fun afternoon we had at the disco! Take a look and see for yourself. We danced, played games and enjoyed snacks and treats. Well done everyone! We can't wait for the next one!
Week 3 already?
This week we have begun to paint our portraits. We've tried hard to talk about the colours we need for each part of our face and the shapes we need to use. I can't wait to see what they will all look like on our wall of fame! Here is a sneaky peak at what we have so far!
Today we were shown how to use the tap in the mud kitchen ...... I wonder if you can remember the rule?
(Turn on the tap, count to 5, then switch it off!)
I think we may have to carry out some water conservation work this year!
Our opening topic is to share information about ourselves and our families. We will be settling into nursery, exploring the different play areas and playing with new friends. During this first week we have tried really hard to be independent when putting our coats, wellies and waterproof suits on so we can explore in the garden in all weathers! What a fantastic start to nursery life!