Autumn 2: Bright Lights and Autumn Nights

Anti-bullying week saw us being great friends to all. We have talked a lot about what makes us special during our special person times and this week our discussions led to how we could be a really good friend. We all agreed that we needed to listen, to help, to smile (my favourite!) and to share. And what good friends we are all becoming in nursery.
Children in need day saw us dressing up in spots and bright clothing. We had such a fun morning starting with a fashion show to some children in need music, to decorating biscuits, painting spots before ending with our bake sale! Thank you to everyone who helped us, we will announce how much money was raised once it has all been collected and counted. Don't forget you can also follow our wonderful school on twitter using the tag @corbridgefirst 
Thank you for your support.
This week we have been thinking about the dark night sky and how it was lit up with bright lights on bonfire night. We talked about how much fun we had watching fireworks and even made some firework patterns of our own using water, paint and squirty bottles. At the end of the week we thought about the people who help to keep our country safe. We made poppies and Mrs Morphet helped us to write a collective remembrance day prayer. The poppies and prayer are proudly displayed in nursery which we used as a focus for our moment of silence.
Thank you to all children who showed the greatest amount of respect. You should be truly proud of the citizens they have become
Week 2 and we're amazing at remembering the letter sounds so far! We recognise the sounds, say the rhyme while writing the letter shape in the air. This is what we know so far ....... 
m - maisie mountain, mountain
a - around the apple and down the leaf
s - slither down the snake
d - around his bottom, up his long neck and down to his feet
t - down the tower, across the tower.
We also know how to write the word 'I' - why don't you ask your child to tell you in the air or on some paper?
Welcome back to out wonderful children and families. I'm so excited about all of the fun we're going to have this half term. Keep checking Tapestry and the website for updates of everything we do!
Week 1 saw us writing, writing, writing! And we're pretty good at it - we hope you agree!