Car Parking at Drop Off and Collection Times

Dear Parents and Carers

Car parking at drop off and collection times

Car parking at the beginning and end of the school day is a problem at many schools. Children and parents arrive and depart in a relatively short period of time and this can cause issues.  Recently at Corbridge First School there have been instances of

  • cars entering the staff car park when children are arriving/leaving
  • cars stopping or parking on pavements in the Milkwell area
  • cars reversing in the square just outside the entrance to the school car park
  • complaints from residents about inconsiderate parking and drivers putting children in danger when reversing near to the school at the busy drop off and collection times

 To help us, please walk to school if you can or park a little distance away and walk the final stretch. If you have to come by car, try to share trips with neighbours or friends, and park considerately and safely in the areas surrounding the school. 

Can I also please remind you that parents/carers must not drive into the staff car park.    Parents/carers collecting and dropping off from Kids Club or the Corbridge Pre-School are also asked not to drive into the car park. We are committed to keeping everyone safe during drop off and collection, and appreciate your cooperation.

Yours sincerely

Miss J Ainsley

Head Teacher