Christingle Day

We all had a fantastic day on Thursday 7th December. As part of our learning in RE we worked with children in our house teams for the day to learn about Christingles!
We learnt all about the symbolism of the Christingle.
The Christingle is  a reminder of the hope and light that Jesus brought into the world.


  • The orange represents the whole world: Christians believe God made the world and looks after it; they believe he wants human beings to look after it as well
  • The red ribbon represents God’s love for everyone: Christians believe God treats everyone like family; they believe he wants us to treat each other like family and offer support and love to everyone
  • The fruit/sweets represent the good things God has made: Christians believe God provides us with good things; they believe he wants everyone to be thankful for the good things they have and share them with others
  • The lit candle represents Jesus who brought light into a dark world: Christians believe God sent Jesus to bring hope to those who feel sad or lost; they believe that he wants all people to live the way Jesus lived and care for each other, especially when times are hard
All the children were given a partner from another year group to work with for the morning. We read all about how to make a Christingle before writing our own instructions. After break we worked hard to make the Christingles.
At the end of the day we had a special service to give thanks to God for sending Jesus as a sign of hope and love for us!