Dinosaur Roar!

Wow, what a start to our Spring Term! We have romped, stomped, roared and chomped our way through the past couple of weeks, greedily devouring all new learning and activities enhancing our learning about dinosaurs. 
We have been finding out lots of exciting facts about dinosaurs, challenging each other to identify which dinosaur we have hidden in the dinosaur cave, by solving our very tricky clues, e.g. 'I have sharp teeth and claws. I have two big legs.' 
We are becoming very good investigators, solving these clues. 
We have designed and created dinosaur traps both with indoor and outdoor construction- it is amazing to see how one small idea sparks off a whole group  shared effort. 
Numbers to 10 have been a big focus so far, so it is wonderful to see the children using available resources independently- have you seen that child initiated number track?