Duck Tales - Year 4

Duck Tales - Year 4 have had a very exciting morning (4 July). After 28 days, both of the duck eggs left in the incubator pipped on school fete day. Yesterday (Sunday) Mr Lee reported there was lots of movement and beaks were poking through. This morning when Miss Beresford arrived in school, both eggs were still and all was quiet. There was a beak poking out from one and a foot from the other. By about 8.15am both were working away again to free themselves from their shells. By 9.45am the little black and yellow one appeared out of its shell and the yellow one followed soon after at 10.30am. They remained in the incubator to dry before being transferred to the brooder with a heat lamp. They've been very wobbly on their feet but are enjoying watching the Y4 children during their learning time.