What you need to know

Hadrian Learning Trust Consultation

Northumberland County Council is currently consulting on Education in the West. They have proposed 3 models; all would mean school closures and one would mean Corbridge Middle School and St Joseph's Middle School shutting which are the current feeder schools for the majority of our pupils. As Hadrian Learning Trust is an academy, it is not part of the NCC consultation. They have now also gone out to consultation.

The full consultation document, a summary, and the response form are available on the QEHS website.

The questions that you will be asked are:
  1. Name
  2. Postcode
  3. Are you responding mainly asParent-Carer/Staff member/Pupil-Student/School Governor-Trustee/Local Resident/Local Councillor/Other
  4. Your views on Proposal One
    Do you agree that HMS and QEHS should be amalgamated and expand to create an 11-18 Secondary school? Yes/No/Don't know 
  5. If you wish, please give the reasons for the answer you have given above. 
  6. Your Views on Proposal Two
    If a decision is taken by Northumberland County Council/Department for Education to close Haydon Bridge High School, do you agree that QEHS should expand to provide places for children from the Haydon Bridge Partnership from September 2019? Yes/No/Don't know 
  7. If you wish, please give the reasons for the answer you have given above. 
  8. Alternative suggestions
    If you have any alternative suggestions that meet the Trust's objectives of improving educational outcomes and experience, financial sustainability and capital investment, please state them here.
The online response is easy and quick to complete (click here) and I urge you to complete it. 

​Following on from the last consultation evening at Corbridge Middle School, they have provided some documents which may help you decide how to respond.

They have collated a selection of the responses from across the partnership from people who have completed their google form questionnaire which may also help you.
Further information can be considered here relating to the success of our current schools model:
Hadrian Learning Trust consultation letter to parents and carers
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