Information for Parents/Carers

If school is closed, the following activity suggestions and resources are available to support our children with their continued learning. 
The main things you can be doing at home are to be reading regularly, practising spellings and times tables, completing explorers activities, keep a diary, do some online yoga etc. 
Unfortunately we are unable to give 'bespoke' work to meet individual needs. We hope you will appreciate that we do not have the capacity to do this. We will be ensuring that these resources are age appropriate. However, as we are sure you can understand, our children all learn at different rates and have a wide range of talents and interests so your support may be needed for certain activities. 
All children have been sent home with a blank 'Home Learning Journal'. This is where your child can record any of the activities they have completed as well as acting as a 'diary'. 
We understand that families are likely to have children of different ages at home with them and supporting different aged children at the same time will be challenging hence why we have tried to keep activities as general as possible. 
We are keen to encourage positive mental health for all so don't forget to take regular breaks, get some fresh air, go for a walk, complete some mindfulness colouring, draw, read and talk to each other!