Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Wow, the excitement level was off the scale this afternoon as we had our first snow of Winter!

Noses were pressed against the window as we watched the flakes falling faster and faster. We donned our warm coats, hats, wellies and water suits and headed out into the Early Year’s Garden to explore this magical time.

For many of the children it was the first time that they had been out in the snow, so to see their little faces light up as they caught snowflakes in their hands was magnificent.

We made snow angels, played Follow the Leader and built a very tiny snowman! The children asked very important questions such as, “How does the snow get into the clouds?” where they came up with some very interesting and perceptive answers, “in Autumn it rains, but in Winter it snows, so the snow is the Winter rain.” How insightful is that?

The Mud Kitchen was a hive of activity where Snow Soup, Ice Slushies and Garden Leaf Ice Cream were the dishes of the day- absolutely delicious!