Teaching trees 11th November 2014

27th October 2014

This autumn the Royal Forestry Society’s Teaching Trees project launches in the Tynedale area, arranging visits to show local children how woodland management benefits timber industries, the environment and local communities.


On Tuesday 11th November the children in Year 1 will visit Duke’s House Wood in Hexham, leaving school at 9.15am and returning at approximately 11.30am.  The children will need to wear waterproof clothing and sturdy boots or wellies. They will also need to have a small plastic bag to collect samples from the woodland such as leaves and bark and may bring a piece of fruit if they wish as we will have a mid-morning break in the woodland.


The Teaching Trees project is providing transport and an Education Officer to lead the visit but ask for £2.00 per child towards transport costs.  Please complete and return the form with £2.00 as soon as possible.


Finally, we may have places for some parent helpers so if you would like to support us on the trip please ask for details.