Outdoor learning

The rain won't stop our learning or our fun!
Some children still chose to work in the outdoor area even though the rain was fairly heavy!!!! We took the powder paint to find out what happens when they mixed together with the rain. The turn-taking, communication and teamwork was fascinating to watch while the giggling became infectious! Thank goodness for waterproofs and wellies so we can make the most of learning opportunities like these!
Over the summer holidays the garden had a makeover!
Our caretaker Mr Gardiner has transformed the area with so many amazing things for the children to do including a gravel pit, a sand pit and a brand new mud kitchen complete with working taps. I certainly can't wait to pop on my wellies and begin to play.
Take a look at the before and after photos and continue to check the website for updates on how the children are interacting and developing the area themselves!
While we aim to ensure the children are wearing full waterproof suits in the outdoor area, sometimes water or mud may get onto the children's uniform! We can only apologise for this but please rest assured that lots of fun will have been had alongside numerous learning opportunities!
Before ......
And after .....
We have been thinking about how we care for our learning environment, so that it is a safe, and fun place to explore. We have been trying hard to tidy up after ourselves, and put things away when we are finished with them.
Outside, we can often make a mess when we are busy learning and exploring, however we know that we want it to be ready for the next children to play in.
Our Mud Kitchen needed a wash down which we thought was brilliant. We worked together to decide what needed doing, and what was the best way to do this. We gathered water and sponges and set to it! As we worked we talked about the changes occurring to both the mud and the water, and made predictions about what would happen when the water dried up.
When we came back inside, we shared with everyone our thoughts about how the Mud Kitchen should be looked after. Some great ideas were shared, such as putting our natural ingredients in boxes so that we are not digging right next to the kitchen.
The very next day we put our ideas in to practice and asked Mrs Hutchinson for some boxes. We  looked at the ingredients we had and made separate boxes for sticks, pine cones, conkers, bark and stones. After trying out a few places, we positioned them next to the fence line so that they were not too far away, but not so close that they are in the way. We did all of this without any adult direction, aren't we marvellous problem solvers?