Our School Council

Corbridge Church of England First School Elect their School Council.

In September every pupil from year 1-4 will take part in the democratic process to elect their class councillors.

The CFS School Council have great responsibility for helping make suggestions and improvements to the school on behalf of all their class members.

Each year new representatives are elected following a proper voting process just like real Council or Government elections. Candidates are nominated and selected by their classmates and speeches given. Pupils then choose and mark on ballot papers. The returning Officer counts the votes.

The gallery of our new representatives is now below.

Meet your school councillors for the year 2016-2017. Thank you to all pupils for taking part in the vote. We wish our new councillors every success in the year ahead.
November has been a busy month for us councilors .... but we wouldn't have it any other way!

During ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ we were set a secret mission to find two children per class who were showing outstanding friendship qualities. We loved presenting them with certificates during worship. Keep up the good friendships everyone!

October 2017
Today John McCabe from the Rotary Club, visited with information about a campaign to raise awareness for the treatment of Polio. The minutes from the meeting are included below.
John brought along 500 purple crocus bulbs to plant in school as a way of raising awareness of the campaign: Purple4Polio. School council decided to plant these on the hill at the entrance to yard so everyone can enjoy it. Thank you councillors we can't wait to watch them grow in Spring.

Children in Need has been our favourite day to organise so far. We voted for a spotty/bright theme, asking everyone to come to school dressed in spots in return for a £1 donation. But we didn’t stop there! We wanted to raise more money and decided that a cupcake competition and cake sale was just the job! We added a raffle to the celebrations and we’re so pleased to announce that we raised a whopping …..

September 2017
The item on our agenda today was discussing healthy options for packed lunches. The general thoughts of the group were: sandwiches/pasta salad, small bag of crisps, some fruit and possibly a dessert which could be a yoghurt/small biscuit.
It was decided that fizzy pop and sweets/chocolate bars should not be allowed in packed lunches.
Councillors took this information back to discuss in class with a reminder that more information for parents can be found on the website.
Our first meeting took place today in the newly designed 'Board Room.' We introduced ourselves, outlining the reasons we were voted to take the role. It was Pupil Voice week so we warmed up with an activity about how our different personalities can come together to create an effective team. We came up with personality traits such as being a good listener, showing respect, being confident, reslient and determined would help support a successful school council and that is what we aspire to be!