Milk Payments


Milk can be ordered for children to have at breaktime.  A letter will be sent out towards the end of each term giving details of the cost of milk for the following term.  We will only order milk for those who request it.


There is no charge to children who are aged under 5 for the whole school term e.g. if they are under 5 in September and do not reach the age of 5 before the school breaks up for the Christmas break.  If your child turns 5 during a school term, parents/carers will need to pay for milk if they wish to order it. 


Some families qualify for free school meals and milk for their children, which is totally unrelated to free school meals the Government introduced in September 2014.


If you believe your child could be entitled please speak to our Office Manager to complete the application. Irrespective of whether you choose to take the meal and/or milk for your child we would appreciate all those who are eligible to complete the simple paper work.


We will receive additional funding reflected in our pupil premium based on the number of families eligible and this vital funding is used to enhance the provision for all children in school. All enquiries are treated with the utmost discretion.