Story Time!

Grab your favourite teddy, curl up in your favourite chair and enjoy some of our favourite stories!
Hi boys and girls, 
A little while ago, I chose to read 'What the ladybird heard next' by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks. We love Julia's books in nursery - I wonder if you have any of her books in your house? I can't wait to find out!
See you very soon,
Mrs Hutchinson 
Nursery teacher
Hi everyone,
I chose to share a book by one of my favourite authors Julia Donaldson. I'm reading 'Charlie Cook's Favourite Book!'
I wonder if you have a favourite book just like Charlie? I can't wait to find out and share some of these in the classroom!
Miss Jewitt,
Reception teacher
Hi everyone,
I've decided to share the story 'Think Big' by Kes Gray.
I wonder what you want to be when you grow up?
Mrs Paterson
Hello and welcome to my story! I've chosen 'Marvin gets mad!' by Joseph Theobald.
I love how Molly took care of Marvin when he got mad ..... I wonder how you will take care of your friends in school?
Can't wait to meet you!
Mrs Gray
Executive Deputy Headteacher
This time I've chosen 'Giraffes can't dance.' ...... but we all know they can!
Mrs Hutchinson 
Nursery teacher
I would love to share another story with you... this book was one of my children's favourite bedtime stories and it is called 'How to Catch a star' by Oliver Jeffers.
I hope you enjoy it!
Miss Jewitt
Reception teacher