Introduction and Photo Galleries

Friday 8th May marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Please find two learning menus and some relevant resources. We would love for as many families to join in as possible.
Menu 1: Celebrations (simple ways to join in and celebrate VE Day)
Menu 2: Activities (from medal making to paper aeroplanes!)
Please share your work and photos on twitter @corbridgefirst or by emailing 
We would like to create a photo gallery on the website of our families marking this very important occasion.
On VE day we had afternoon tea in the garden with homemade scones and cakes.  I had to pass on the 'fish paste sandwiches' that I read about in the newspaper!  We had bunting and Union Jack flags.  We talked about what it must have been like to live through the war - my mum is 83 and she talked about celebrating with a fancy dress parade - she wore a white dress with PEACE written across the front.  We also talked about how everyone must have felt when the war was declared to be over. 
Here is my trusty little teapot with it's hand-knitted vintage tea cosy, complete with 2 Union Jack flags!
Mrs Morphet and family.
A highlight of how some of our Early Years children celebrated!