Y4 Science Workshop with Procter and Gamble - May 2016

Monday 16 May 2016 – Y4 Science Workshops and Activities

We welcomed Procter and Gamble back into school on Monday 16 May to run science workshops and activities with our Year 4 children. 

It’s a great way for the children to take part in hands-on workshops that are fun, informative and inspirational.  It may not be ‘rocket science’ but according to Jenny in Year 4  it was ‘cool and stinky’ science.  All the Y4 children thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon with the Procter and Gamble scientists.  After all who could fail to appreciate trying to make a rubber glove explode?  The children always learn best when classes are fun and hands-on and I can think of no better way to teach them about matter and how it changes state.  I hope you enjoy the photographs posted below. Thank you to our governor, Andy Patton, for organising this.