Year 2 Mosque Visit

23rd March 2015

When we arrived we had to take off our shoes before entering the Mosque. A gentleman named Mahmoud showed us around and let us watch the afternoon prayers.

We had the chance to try on the ladies’ scarf (Hijab) and the gentlemen’s cap (Kobbah). We learnt that Muslims use Jasmine perfume when they pray to make sure they smell nice out of respect for Allah.

Muslim’s believe that anyone who follows God’s way is a Muslim. We listened to people being called to prayer. A gentleman was singing in Arabic, this is called Salut.

In Islam it is believed that there were many Prophets, including Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Muslims believe that the final and most important Prophet was Muhammad. They believe that the Prophets were role models and we should use their teachings to guide us.

Muslims believe in the Five Pillars of Islam
1. Prayer
2. Fasting
3. Charity
4. Faith
5. Pilgrimage to Mecca


Why do boys and girls have their own praying times? – Jessica

The Prophet taught us to pray separately so that men and women are not distracted and can concentrate on their prayers.’


Why do you pray five times a day? – Joseph

‘Our hearts and minds need to talk to God often to help keep them well.’


Why do you call God Allah? - Aelfie

‘Allah means God in Arabic.’


Why do you take off your shoes when you go into the Mosque? – Olivia

‘We like to keep the Mosque as clean as possible to show our respect to Allah.’


Why do you pray at the Mosque instead of at home? – Jake

‘You can pray at home but it is good to get out and go to the Mosque to meet friends.’


Why do people raise their hands during prayer? – Ella

‘We do this to renew our faith in Allah.’


Muslims believe that giving to charity is very important. There are prayer boxes in the Mosque. People make extra donations during Ramadan and on the Islamic Holy day which is Friday.


Class Two