Year 4 Mayfly in the Classroom Project - October 2016

Year 4 - Mayfly in the Classroom Project – Tyne Rivers Trust has funded the delivery of this hands-on environmental project that allows the children to engage with river habitat processes by involving them in the life cycle of the mayfly.  The project started with a very interesting and wet visit to the River Tyne on Thursday 13 October 2016.    Ms Price from the Tyne Rivers Trust worked with the children to collect mayfly nymphs to bring back to school.  The class now has an aquaria set up and will do daily checks to monitor the mayflies’ progress.  The children will know they are mayflies as they have 3 tails and 6 legs!  The children will release the adult mayflies as they emerge.  


Thank you to Ms Price for all  running the session, setting up the aquaria and introducing the project to the children.  


You can see from the photographs that the children really engaged with this activity.