Choir Visit to Newcastle Civic Centre

19th March 2024
Choir will be taking part in Create & Sing with the Royal Opera House and Music Partnership North on 19th March at the Civic Centre in Newcastle. 
The event is a workshop style performance - a relaxed atmosphere, without costumes or set decoration. The event is designed to be a fun and accessible introduction to opera and an opportunity for children to meet and perform alongside professional musicians.  Singers from the Royal Opera House will welcome everyone, and narrate the story of The Magic Flute, with children joining in with the songs they have learnt, and the singers performing short solos and duets to complete the story. The singers will also teach two further songs on the day for everyone to sing together.  The songs will be accompanied by a small group of musicians from Music Partnership North and the Royal Opera House. 
The words for all songs will be provided on the day - no need to learn off by heart! 
The event will have a relaxed atmosphere, and children will be actively involved throughout. Children will be seated in their class groups on the floor, with staff seated alongside.  A quiet space is available for anyone that needs to leave during the event for any reason.