Commando Joes

Commando Joe's
CJ's is about developing skills beyond the classroom:
This year (2022) Commando Joe's has been introduced across school, from Year 1-Year 4. The primary aim of the programme is to improve educational outcomes for children through their RESPECT programme:
Resilience, Empathy, Self-awareness, Positivity, Excellence, Communication and Teamwork. 
It is an education which allows children to develop life skills, a growth mindset and to build resilience. In Commando Joe's we look at the 6 C's:
Character, Citizenship, Challenge, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking. 
Year 1 Topic Characters
Simba & Me - "Circle of Life"
Traditional Tale - "Once Upon a Time"
Steve Backshall - "A Walk on the Wild Side"
Year 2 Topic Characters
Samuel Pepys - "London's Burning"
Pocahontas - "Trouble in the Tribe"
The Queen - "The Longest Reign"
Year 3 Topic Characters
Ed Stafford - "Walking the Amazon"
Earnest Shackleton - "Endurance"
Nellie Bly - "Around the World in 72 Days"
Ed Stafford - Spring Term
This term Year 3 became Ed Stafford and travelled the entire length of the Amazon River. They needed to show 'true-grit' and 'determination' to complete this mission. Pupils undertook a training mission to prepare for the expedition, they had to pack their equipment efficiently, get their whole team safely across the Amazon River, build a safe and organsied base camp, relocate to higher and safer ground, retrieve lost equipment and save the tribe by constructing a stretcher and crossing dangerous ground. 
Ernest Shackleton - Summer Term
During this mission, Year 3 became polar explorers. They completed an expedition to the Antarctic; raising enough funds, crossing the raging sea, releasing their ship from the grasps of ice, travelling in darkness, building a new life boat and a rescue mission to save their team and all their supplies. 
Year 4 Topic Characters
Levison Wood - "Survival"
Kira Salak - "Gorilla in the Mist"
Leif Erikson - "Voyage of Discovery"