At Corbridge C of E First School, children master phonics skills through a highly structured and systematic programme called Read, Write Inc – starting with the easiest sounds and progressing through to the most complex sounds in a highly structured and rigorous system.
Prior to being introduced to phonics, we ensure that children have the pre-literacy skills necessary to ensure that they are ready for phonics teaching. These include developing their auditory and visual skills.  Once ready,  the children are taught how to recognise the sounds that each individual letter / combination of letters make and blend those sounds together from left to right to make a word. Once mastered, children then use this knowledge to ‘decode’ new words that they see or hear. Children will learn the 44 sounds or phonemes in the English language and the many ways of spelling them. Children are given opportunities to apply these skills in a range of broader curriculum subjects.
Below is our Intent, Implementation and Impact document for our phonics curriculum. Corbridge C of E First School is a Read, Write Inc. school.
Below are resources you can use to support your child and to help your understanding of how we teach reading/phonics. 
The PowerPoints include the correct pronunciation of the individual sounds for each set. If we are supporting our children with their reading/phonics, it is important we are saying the sound correctly.