In April 2019, Corbridge entered into a ‘shared leadership’ arrangement with Broomhaugh First School whereby each school was able to benefit from a head and a deputy head operating across both schools. Since this time, the Governing Boards of each school have seen the benefits of the arrangement in several areas of school life but in particular the strong senior leadership it has brought to the schools (not least during the pandemic school closure). 

In November, the Governing Boards of Broomhaugh and Corbridge held separate votes concerning the next steps and both Boards unanimously voted to hold a formal consultation with stakeholders on making the shared leadership arrangement permanent and secure through the creation of a hard federation between our schools.

It was our intention to open a consultation on 8th January but, as we know, events that week overshadowed this. We are now opening the formal consultation on federation for 7 weeks from today, Monday 22nd March until Monday 10th May 2021. 


Below are the consultation documents for your information.