Inspection Reports - Ofsted & SIAMS

Autumn Term 2019
SIAMS inspection reported we are an EXCELLENT school!
Ofsted reported we are a GOOD school!
We are very proud of the fantastic feedback received.
Corbridge Church of England First School is full of Shining Stars!
We could not be more proud of the feedback we received:
Staff and pupils live by the school’s motto of ‘be the best that we can be’. Pupils, parents, carers and staff are pleased to belong to this happy, welcoming school. Leaders have high expectations. They have created a strong sense of community. Pupils are proud of their achievements and enjoy learning.


Our Fantastic Children...

It is so pleasing to see how our fantastic children have been recognised - made possible by amazing staff and families helping them to be the best they can be!

Pupils show respect to one another and  teachers, develop strong moral values, show good manners and are polite. Staff encourage pupils to think about the needs of others. Pupils develop into responsible citizens. Pupils enjoy their studies. They show positive attitudes to learning. They listen attentively to adults and work hard. Pupils are happy and feel safe. 

 EYFS feedback...

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs Burton and her team for their great work in Early Years.

Leaders have successfully improved the early years. Children settle quickly and show great confidence. Staff nurture children so they feel safe and valued. The curriculum is well planned. Classrooms are set up to prompt questions and discussions. Early years staff teach reading, writing and number knowledge effectively. 

Staff Feedback...

We have an amazing team of highly skilled teachers, teaching assistants, office staff, kitchen staff and our caretaker and cleaner - all of whom I am very proud!

All staff are determined to provide pupils with rich learning experiences. Staff are kind and reassuring. They know pupils and their families well. Relationships are very strong. Staff care deeply about pupils and are vigilant about their safety. Staff value pupils and the work they produce. Teachers organise lots of events to support pupils’ personal and cultural development. Staff know that safeguarding pupils is very important. There is a strong culture of safeguarding throughout the school. 

Staff promote a love of reading among pupils. Staff are well trained. Teachers and teaching assistants work closely together to meet the needs of pupils. If pupils need extra help, it is given straight away.


Recognition of the impact of our soft federation is so pleasing as inspectors saw the value and strength of leadership from myself and Mrs Gray. The support Mrs Gray and I receive from our middle and senior leaders, the governors, the Diocese and NCC  is invaluable. With a phenomenal SENDCO and our committed, skilled and hardworking team we are all so proud of all we have achieved together!

We achieve in leadership because of the dedication of each and every member of the whole staff team working so hard to be the best we can be!

 The headteacher and deputy headteacher are a strong team. They are passionate and determined to provide the very best education for all. Leaders work successfully with all staff to ensure that pupils feel confident, are valued and achieve well. Leaders are ambitious for pupils. They have high expectations. Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) receive effective support. Leadership is strong. Leaders’ ambition for pupils is clear. Governors are dedicated and work closely with staff. Together, they have a clear vision for improvement.


The Edudcuation Inspection Framework (EIF) is now heavily focused on the progression in the curriculum.


Areas for development:

Art and Music subject knowledge.

We hold our hands up... we are not all specialists so we will continue to develop in these subjects.

That said with the specialist music teaching we have in place for whole class teaching and individuals, the achievement of the Music Mark 2018-19 and 2019-1920 and the fantastic art produced from our teaching over the last two years as a result of the progressive, skills based art curriculum implemented by our highly skilled subject leader, we know the children are enjoying and making good progress in these subjects.

Progression in Learning (Geography and Art)

This has puzzled us somewhat as no geography teaching was observed, no books or planning were reviewed and no conversations took place with the subject leader. Our progression is clearly mapped and school monitoring shows no sign of repeated learning or a concern in teaching skills.

That said - we are always working to continually develop our curriculum so hopefully, if this is a focus of the next inspection, the statements relating to geography can be revisited.

You can access our school's inspection reports on the Ofsted website here. They are also included below.
Dean Jackson
Service Director, Education and Skills
I have just read your OFSTED report and wanted to pass on my congratulations to you, your staff, the children and the governors.
I know that it is a whole school endeavour but sentences that describe you and your team as,  '.... passionate and determined to provide the very best education for all' must make you very proud.