Our Learning Gallery

In year 1, we rock!
We made grass heads with Miss Common. I wonder how they're getting on at home?
Combining our art and RE by printing crosses for our Easter cards.
We researched Rosa Parks as part of our black history month work. The children were shocked to think that someone was not allowed to take a seat on the bus or use the same entrance as other people in a building because of the colour of their skin. The conversations that followed were so mature and just a joy to listen to. We made special person certificates for Rosa because she never gave up - something we will endeavour to do in life! Mrs Rutherford's tales of her safari inspired us to create some lovely African sunset artwork!
After the success of our Mr Gumpy stories we've moved on to a bit of performance poetry! We've used 'The Train Ride' this time as the basis for our work. We have only heard it 3 times but are whizz kids at reciting our own. Mrs Burton and Mrs Rutherford can not wait to see our finished poems next week!
We have begun to use the story 'Mr Gumpy's Motor Car' as a basis for our own story writing. Using the Talk4Writing process we will learn the story and retell it using the story map. We'll perform the story using actions before making slight changes with the introduction of simple adjectives. When we're ready we will write our very own version of the story to publish. Keep checking in for updates!
We have begun our maths journey by thinking deeply about numbers to 10. We have been representing numbers, ordering numbers, counting forwards and backwards and learning to use the greater than and less than symbols to compare numbers.
We have begun to ask big questions in RE including who is God? Why is God important to Christians?
We have retold the creation story and took photos to document our learning and have created and shared our very favourite creations in the world right now. 
Our science topic, animals including humans, has given us the opportunity to name and label parts of our body. We have been thinking about how we learn about the world using our senses and can't wait to complete our first investigation very soon! We'll keep you posted on here so come back soon!
In our history topic, fantastic firsts, we are comparing transport from past and present. We were so surprised at how the very first cars looked and couldn't believe that buses used to be pulled by horses. So far we've made viking longboats and can talk about the different features including the reason why the sails were dyed blood red! We designed our own dragons for the prow of our boats and made shields for protection. We're so excited about what we'll learn through the rest of the topic!
We're learning about different textures and markings in art. We began by experimenting making different marks with our fingers to recreate one of Monet's garden landscapes. Next we made our own tools using natural materials, evaluating how they worked. Take a look at some of our tools below.