Our Learning Gallery

We had lots of fun exploring the garden today. 
Today in RE we discovered that our school has five Christian values. These are: Friendship, Respect, Forgiveness, Truth and Thankfulness. In our classroom we have a Christian values tree and throughout this year Miss Jewitt is hoping that we will be able to cover our tree with lots and lots of leaves. Every time someone in our class shows one of our Christian Values they can put a leaf on the tree. 
Guess what?! We have already started putting leaves on our tree today! We are very good at spotting our friends showing the christian values of our school.
It is 'Healthy Eating' week and today we have been discussing the importance of having a nutritious, balanced diet. We learnt today that we need to try and have 5 portions of fruit and vegetable a day. We discussed our favourite fruit and vegetables- apples, strawberries and carrots were among our favourites!
We took part in a fun quiz and then some of us went to our outdoor classroom and drew our favourite fruit and vegetables. Some other children took part in some vegetable printing- we discussed repeating patterns and created some fantastic art work.
Can you remember which vegetables you used in your patterns? 
We are using 'The Enormous Turnip' as our focus book over the next few weeks. Today we learnt a new song 'Pull the Turnip".
We decided to perform it outdoors- we hope you like our performance!
As part of 'Healthy Eating' week we made a very yummy vegetable soup. We discussed the recipe in our group and worked together to prepare the ingredients for the soup. We carefully peeled, chopped and diced the vegetables. We started to feel very hungry when we smelt the soup cooking and we were very happy when it was ready and we could finally taste the end product!
It was delicious! We love vegetables! 
This week is the Hindu Festival of Lights, Diwali. The festival symbolises the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and new beginnings. One of the most famous legends associated with Diwali tells the story of how Prince Rama returned from exile with his wife, Sita, to his kingdom, after overcoming the 10-headed demon Ravana with the help of Hanuman, the monkey god, and his army of monkeys. Together the children built the bridge and marked out lamps to help retell the story outside. After this was completed the parts were shared out and the story was acted out. I wonder who your favourite character is and what did they do in the story?
As part of our Diwali celebrations we have made a salt dough Diwali pot. We carefully moulded the dough and added sequins and glitter to decorate.
We are very pleased with the finished results!
We have enjoyed listening to the Nativity story and learning about why Christmas is important to Christians. Today we created freeze frames to re-tell the story.