Our Learning Gallery

We have had a great first few weeks and year 3 have really enjoyed their new topic 'The Stone Age' so far. This week we went on a hunt as hunter gatherers and worked out what we would be able to gather at certain times of the year.
Our new topic is sculpture and is linked to our Stone Age topic in History. We are looking at the artist Alison Dearborn and using her work to inspire our own.
Our new text is 'UG'. Year 3 have really enjoyed the text so far and we have made some great links with The Stone Age. This week we looked at character descriptions; we worked in talk partners to discuss the main characters from the text.
History - Stonehenge
This week we learnt all about the mysteries of Stonehenge and year 3 then made their own Stonehenge model
Science - skeletons
Year 3 have been learning about parts of the skeleton and how we need bones for support and movement. They they made their own moving skeletons.
Stone Age art
Year 3 completed their Stone Age sculptures and they look fantastic!!
Commando Joe's
What an exciting week ahead; year 3 are learning all about Ed Stafford and his mission to walk the length of the Amazon River. Today we have created obstacle courses to test our fitness levels and packed our equipment for the journey ahead. It was tricky to decide what to prioritise and what to leave behind. 
Commando Joe's day 2
Today year 3 had to get all their equipment across the river. Working as a team was very important, as they faced challenges of river rapids and snakes. We also had to set up camp; the tricky part was, it had to be the exact replica of the base camp already set up.
Art - Commando Joe's - Geography
Year 3 had a fantastic morning down by Corbridge river. We looked at the features of our local river and compared it to the Amazon River; completing a labelled diagram to show these features. The children then enjoyed sketching the river scene.
Literacy - Information text
This week year 3 have been learning about the process of Sedimentary rock formation. They wrote notes, dictated by the teacher - we then created a piece of non- fiction writing on sedimentary rocks - following this, children created an information poster in small groups.
Year 3 joined with year 1 to learn all about the history of Chirstingles and then made their own. We then created videos of 'what you will need' and instructions on 'how to make a Christingle.'