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Our First Day
We have had such a lovely first day exploring Nursery and making new friends. 
Settling in and having fun
We have had a lovely first two weeks in Nursery. We are becoming familiar with our new surroundings and routines. We have spent a great deal of time exploring outdoors, especially hunting for minibeasts. We have been searching for the areas they like the best and discovered that dark, damp and hidden places had the most creatures inside. We have been using magnifying glasses, view finders and bug scoops to help us on our hunt. Using information books from the Garden Detectives Shed we have been trying to identify the bugs that we have found- worms, woodice and centipides have been the most common bugs we uncovered. 
We have enjoyed exploring the story The Colour Monster this week. We discussed all of the different feelings that we have and different things that make us feel these ways. We took out the powder paints to mix in the puddles, however we weren't very impressed with the way our colours mixed, so we popped on our waterproofs and made our own rain and puddles with the hosepipe- it was so much fun! 
We also got the umberellas out and sang songs while splashing around the garden.
Sustained shared thinking challenge
How can we cross the yard without touching the ground?
This was the challenge set which the children certainly rose to meet. After lots of discussion involving piggy backs, using the stilts and doing enormous jumps, the children finally decided to build a bridge to walk across. They then looked at all of the resources we have that they could use. Initially, the wooden planks were laid across the ground, however Sophia decided that it needed to be higher and so brought over some wooden bricks. The children worked as a team to create a bridge which spanned the length of our yard which they then all crossed to the other side. Amazing problem solving Nursery!
Fun with phonics!
We are enjoying our introduction into the world of phonics. We have been tuning in to sounds so carefully, listening to and identifying sounds all around us. This morning we explored the instruments, what sounds they make and what else they may sound like.
We had two of each instrument, so we played a game which relied on our super sharp listening ears. One person hid behind the screen and played an instrument carefully. The other children on the carpet also had instruments, but only one person had the instrument that made the same sound. The children listened to hidden instrument being played and it they had the matching instrument, they joined in playing too. It was so much fun.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....
From the moment the children decorated our class tree on December 1st, we have fully embraced the festive preparations! From Decorations Week, to our virtual carol service, sporting novelty jumpers and homemade hats, learning about the meaning behind Christingles to sitting together to share our Christmas lunch- we really have just had the best time preparing for the big celebration!
Now, for some well earned rest with our families for the next two weeks.