Remote/Home Learning

Good morning everyone,
Thank you for accessing our home learning activities on Tapestry last week (Week 1,) I have really enjoyed looking through all of your hard work (and playing in the snow photos.) 
As there appear to be a few issues logging on to Tapestry, Early Years have decided to upload our learning activities onto their own class page as well, so that you can always access the learning provided. 
We will continue to add our daily menus and resources onto Tapestry, but add our plans and resources for the week onto here. 
Teacher videos will be uploaded to Tapestry still, however in the event of Tapestry being unavailable then I will direct you to a suitable video elsewhere. 
As per your feedback last week, I have also attached some printable worksheets for you to use. In Nursery we follow a play based curriculum, therefore we do not tend to use worksheets but engage in the practical learning tasks set, however I understand that you may want to use them to supplement the learning.
Please keep trying Tapestry throughout the week and upload your photographs, videos and comments to there as that is the interactive platform which we an use to keep communication lines open. 
I hope you all have a lovely week. 
Week 3 18.1.21
This week our key text is 'Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs.'
I have uploaded all planning for this week onto Tapestry, including all attachments.
As explained in Friday's daily message, I am trialling sending the whole week of work due to the issues Tapestry have currently been experiencing. Some feedback asked for the whole week so that it can all be printed in one go. Please let me know how you find having the work set this way, or if the daily plans are preferred. I will still be uploading a daily message, story and phonics video. 
Please remember the worksheets are entirely optional and are not usually something we would use in Nursery, however I understand some families prefer this option alongside the planned activities. 
I hope you and your child have an enjoyable week carrying out some of these learning activities. As always, please upload and stay in touch via Tapestry. 
Take care
Mrs Hutchinson
This week our key text is 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson. I hope you enjoy joining in with the home learning activities this week. I have loved all of your photographs and videos which your grown ups have been sending me on Tapestry. 
Please find all of the planning for this week and I will keep in daily contact on Tapestry
Love Mrs Hutchinson
1.2.21 Week 5- Zog and the Flying Doctors 
Happy Monday boys and girls, you are now on Week 5 of home learning so I think you all deserve a huge thumbs up!
I am so very proud of every one of you.
Thank you for those of you have been sending me photographs of what you have been up to at home, home learning, singing, daily walks and a particular highlight last week kitchen dancing to Scooter at breakfast time!
The things you send me do not just have to be restricted to home learning tasks, whatever you want to send me, I love to see them all.
This week our key text is 'Zog and the Flying Doctors' by Julia Donaldson. You can listen to my story or even watch it on BBC Iplayer.
Mrs Gray has added some additional learning activities about the RSPB's Big Garden Bird Watch, and Mrs Burton has added activities supporting Children's Mental Health with the key story 'Ruby's Worry.' Both of these things can be found on the school website.
As lots of you seem to be enjoying heading out for a daily walk, I've attached an Outdoor Ideas Booklet which you may want to use to enhance your walks, e.g. making small natural collections or pieces of art in nature. I look forward to your feedback.
I hope you all have a lovely week, and I look forward to hearing from you all
Love Mrs Hutchinson