Special Events

Today is 'Fancy Foot Friday'.  In reception we all came into school wearing our funkiest, happiest shoes. We are happy that we raised lots of money for the Living Streets walking project.
Can you spot your shoes?

This week it is our sponsorship challenge..."We will walk 500 miles".  The whole school needs to walk/run/scoot 500 miles over the week using the mile track. All money raised will help provide better bike and scooter storage in school.

Today we went out onto the track (a little bit of cold and rain didn't stop us!). We all ran round the track at least three times- some of us managed five laps! We will continue to do this every day until Friday! I will add more photos to the collection throughout the week!


In Reception class we have been celebrating that everyone is different and everyone is special. As part of Black Lives Matter month we have enjoyed listening to folktales which originate from West Africa. The folktales are focused upon a character called Anansi who takes the shape of a spider.
We decided we wanted to make our own Anansi spiders and had lots of fun making them using fir cones and pipe cleaners. We also made a web for the spider too!
We have also enjoyed listening to traditional African music and we made our own musical instruments to play while dancing and exploring the rhythm of the music!
In Reception class the children have been learning about Remembrance Day today. They learnt about why people wear poppies, when people where poppies and that there are different coloured poppies. We learnt that purple poppies are to remember animals who lost their lives during service, black poppies are to recognise black, African and Caribbean communities' contribution to the war effort and white poppies are to remember people who died through conflict, with a focus to end war.
We hope you enjoy the photos! 
In reception class our Christmas carol is 'Away in a manger'.
We hope you enjoy our very special performance.
Today we celebrated World Book Day. All of the children (in school and at home) all focused on one of our favourite authors in reception class, Julia Donaldson. We enjoyed taking the time to read some of our favourite books written by her and we designed a new front cover for one of her books. We also designed our own bookmarks and took part in a scavenger book hunt
We were very excited to find out that we could choose our own free world book day book to take home to enjoy with our families. Some of us were just too excited to wait until we got home and we had a sneaky peek inside- you can probably tell from our expressions that we were all very happy with our new books!