Here is an outline of our timetable for Autumn 1. This is to take place both indoors and outside.
In Nursery we know that children learn best through play, therefore we have worked hard to create a rich and stimulating environment which generates lots of purposeful learning opportunities. Thinking carefully about what we want the children to learn, we create provocations which invite the children to come and explore them. These invitations provoke learning, generate interest, creativity and individual thoughts while allowing the children to explore freely, allowing them to create and critically think.
Although we do build up to large and small group teaching sessions over the year, primarily our learning is done within provision, e.g. maths in the mud kitchen or phonics using the musical instruments. We go to where the children are engaged and look out for opportunities to develop and extend learning, these are our teachable moments. As a consequence of this, no two children's learning journeys are exactly the same.
The blocks of time outlined give us a focus for our teachable moments, so that we provide a broad and balanced coverage, although it is not set in stone.