Design & Technology at Corbridge

At Corbridge First School we value a design technology curriculum which is motivating, inspiring and practical for all children. Design technology can contribute to the development of skills for children such as: mathematics, science, engineering, computing and art.


During DT sessions children are encouraged to be inquisitive about the way products work and how they are made. It is a subject in which children should be provoked to ask and answer questions. It provides children with a unique way of perceiving and expressing their understanding of the world around them, which cannot be taught across other areas of the curriculum.


We intend to provide children with opportunities to develop resilience as they tackle problems and overcome challenges as they work. We do this by developing an understanding of the work of inventors, designers and culinarians as we progress through school as well as adopting the ‘Design, Make, Evaluate’ approach to teaching DT, outlined in the National Curriculum. We discuss how children can apply this knowledge to their own work and develop skills by safely experimenting with tools and techniques. This should allow them to create a high-quality final piece of work. Finally, we value the evaluation process of the products they create so that pupils have the opportunity to reflect on their learning and discover how altering their design and techniques can impact the overall product.