Forest School

The idea of Forest Schools came from Scandinavia, where outdoor living is part of everyday life (open-air culture, friluftsliv, or free air life). The Scandinavian people believe that nature and movement are key factors in development, and the children there spend at least one day a week outside, in all weathers. They are engaged in learning activities, harnessing the skills that involve respecting the environment whilst looking after themselves and others around them.

It is this belief that underpins the Forest School ethos and curriculum.

At Corbridge CofE First School, we are very fortunate to have large, safe grounds with beautiful trees and this will be used as our base for learning. An important part of Forest School is that children experience the outdoor environment in all weathers – with the exception of very high winds or thunder storms. Activities are very much child initiated & led and, using the main curriculum, activities will be tailored to the age and ability of each group. With traditional boundaries removed, the children are encouraged to set their own boundaries and be responsible for each other and their surroundings. The process helps learners to develop socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually. They are encouraged to take risks and try things for themselves, developing resilience as they go.

Aims of Forest School at Corbridge CofE First School:
1. To provide experiences that encourage an appreciation, awareness and knowledge of the natural world and to develop a sense of awe and wonder.
2. To develop resilience and the ability to assess risk.
3. To increase self-esteem and self-confidence.
4. To learn how to solve problems and take on challenges.
5. To be able to work with and help others, as well as working independently.
6. To develop practical skills.
7. To be able to light and use fire meaningfully and safely.
8. To be able to use a variety of tools meaningfully and safely.