Admission Arrangements

Admissions Policy

Admissions to Corbridge Church of England First School are managed by the Local Authority.  The Governors adhere to following the Northumberland admissions guidance.  Please click on  NCC School Admissions for information on how to apply for a place in Reception or if your child is transferring/moving school.  

Children are normally admitted to school in the September of the academic year in which they are five. They are not legally required to attend school until the term after they are five.

Parents who live outside the catchment area of the school and who wish their children to attend must submit an official school request form to the Director of Education at County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland.  If you live outside of Northumberland and wish to apply for a Northumberland School, you must complete a Common Application Form from your home local authority.

The school’s standard number  for entry is 30. If classes are not full, in year transfers are taken and children are awarded places in they are available. Where no places are available over subscription criteria are used to determine allocation of places.

Any parents wishing to visit school prior to applying for a place are most welcome.  Two open mornings will be advertised locally and on the school website during the autumn term each year. 

Over-subscription Criteria

The school is open to receive applications for admissions from the parents of all children. We must give priority to children in the care of a local authority (looked after children) and those with a statement of special educational needs, which names the school.

 1. Children who are currently or who have ever been in the care of a Local Authority

2. Children who have special educational or medical needs or other special circumstances (supported by medical/professional opinion)

3. Pupils residing within the catchment area of the school and those on whose behalf firm evidence is presented that they will be resident in the catchment area by the appropriate admission date

4. Children with a brother or sister at the school at the time they would be admitted to the school

5. Children on whose behalf preferences are expressed on grounds other than those outlined above

Tie Breaker

Where there are places available for some but not all applicants within a particular criterion, distance from home address to the school entrance will be the deciding factor, with preference given to those whose home address is nearest to the school entrance, when measured in a straight line i.e. the distance between the home front door and the school main door as the crow flies.


Voluntary Aided Schools, Foundation Schools, Trust Schools and Academies organise their own appeals.

Parents should contact the school for information on how to appeal for a place in those schools.


Nursery Admissions Policy

Our Nursery has places for 26 children.   Priority will be given to those who meet the following criteria;

-          Children who are in the care of the Local Authority (LAC)

-          Children living within the school’s catchment area.

-          Children with older brothers and sisters who already attend Corbridge C of E First School.

-          Children who have special educational needs who have been referred by a Health Visitor, Social Services or other relevant professionals.

-          Those who request admission on other educational grounds.

Parents can complete an application form for a nursery place from the September one year prior to their child requiring a place.

Places will be confirmed by the end of the autumn term.

A parent welcome meeting will take place in the summer term with the invites being sent by the end of May.   The children will also have a welcome visit in the summer term.

At the start of the autumn term, families will have a 1:1 meeting with the class teacher in school prior to their child’s start day. 

This policy is open to review annually and operates at the Head’s discretion.

The tie-breaker, when there are more children meeting the above criteria than there are places available, will be the date when the application was received.

Children will begin Nursery in the academic year in which they are four.  We offer five morning sessions in order to effectively cover the seven areas of learning in the Early Years Curriculum.