Christmas Shows and Arrangements

7th December 2016

Tickets for Christmas Shows

Tickets for the Christmas school shows have now been sent home.  Please check book bags!  Please also check your ticket allocation carefully and contact the school office immediately if the tickets are not as requested.


Additional Tickets

We have managed to give almost everyone all the tickets they requested.  If you have been allocated additional tickets, please note that it was not always possible to allocate the additional seat(s) next to your initial seat allocation.  However, we hope that you will agree that what is most important is that all those wishing to come along to see the show will be able to do so. 


Tickets and seats are numbered this year - please remember to bring your ticket to the show. 


6.00pm KS1 and KS2 Performance full – please return any unwanted tickets

This performance is full!  If you have a ticket for the 6.00pm performance that you no longer require, please hand it back to the school office as we have not quite managed to give an extra ticket to everyone who requested one. 


KS1 and KS2 – arrangements

1.30pm show - if you are coming to the 1.30pm performance you will be able to take your child home at the end of the show.  For those not attending the afternoon show, children can be collected at the usual finish time of 3.00pm.

6.00pm show – please drop children off at their classroom door at 5.45pm.  They can then be collected from classrooms at the end of the show. 



Doors Open

For the Nursery/Reception dress rehearsal and Christmas performances at 9.15am – please enter school via the office after dropping your child off at Nursery/Reception.


               KS1 and KS2 – 9.30am dress rehearsal – please enter school via the office from 9.15am.


               KS1 and KS2 – 1.30pm show – please enter school via the office from 1.15pm


               KS1 and KS2 – 6.00pm show – please enter school via the office from 5.45pm


We look forward to seeing you in school next week for what is always a highlight of the school year.


Many thanks for your support.