Welcome to Reception

We are so happy to welcome you and your child into Reception! 
Your Reception class staff this year are:
Monday and Tuesdays -  Mrs Hutchinson (Teacher) and Mrs Gane (Teaching Assistant) 
Wednesdays -  Mrs Richardson (Teacher), and Mrs Morphet (Teaching assistant) and Mrs Hutchinson for forest school 
Thursdays and Fridays -  Mrs Richardson and Mrs Morphet
The early years are such an important time for children's development and understanding of the world that they live in, and here at Corbridge First we strive to provide engaging and challenging learning opportunities across all areas of learning for all children. 
We recognise that all children are individual and unique and celebrate that fact. Our daily Special Person celebrations clearly show how clearly the children themselves recognise and value their friends' talents, skills and interests. 
We hope that your child enjoys attending our school and that you feel supported as you join our school community.
We value close partnerships between ourselves and our pupils' families, therefore we use Tapestry as an effective tool to share learning, achievements and celebrations from both at school and at home. We have an open-door policy and will always try to answer your questions as quickly and as fully as possible.