Year 1 - Phonics Session

27th September 2022
Dear Families,
We hope you and your child have enjoyed the first couple of weeks in year 1. It has been a true pleasure to have seen them learn and grow already which just makes us more excited to see the amazing progress they will make throughout the rest of the year. We understand that there is a big change between reception and year 1 and with this being said we want you and your child to be as prepared as possible for the year to come. 
At the end of Year One, all children in the UK take part in the statutory phonics screening check. The check itself is very straight forward and is administered in such a way that the children find enjoyable, and they are often unaware that they are being ‘assessed’. During the screening children are asked by the teacher to sound out 40 words from flash cards. Children use their phonic knowledge to do this. The words that the children are asked to sound out are a mixture of real words and ‘alien words’. They have all had experience of this in class, so the activity is not new or daunting. 
We are asking families to do as much practice as possible at home over the year to help support their child’s knowledge and fluency. To support you with this, we will be holding a short phonics workshop session on Tuesday 27th September at 2:30pm which we really hope you can attend to work with your child. Please come to the school office for 2.25pm. We will segment and blend words to read the real and alien words before we set the children the challenge of enjoying phonics tasks with you at home over the year.
It will be a chance for you to complete some phonics tasks with your child and ask any questions you may have about phonics or year 1 in general.
The children really enjoy their phonics in school and here are some sites where you will find some games they might enjoy at home!
If you have any questions or would like support at home, please contact us via the School Office.
Thank you for your continued support,
Miss Baxter