Year 4 Visit to Iskcon Temple

28th April 2023
As you are aware we have been learning about Hindu faith as part of our RE curriculum. 

To support this learning we are going to be visiting a Hindu temple on Friday 28th April. 

Our trip will include an interactive workshop including: music, dressing up, exploring key symbols of the Hindu faith and learning about Hindu festivals. There will also be an opportunity to answer any questions the children have.  

As part of our visit they will be providing us with a traditional lunch. The menu is rice, vegetable curry (made of peas, tomatoes, home made cheese called paneer, made from milk and yogurt), Indian homemade bread called puri (made from whole meal wheat flour and sunflower oil), a drink and ice-cream. 

We will inform the temple of any allergies you have made known to us and they have said they are able to cater for these. 

I am aware some children bring packed lunches into school, it would be great if all the children could join us in this multicultural experience but if you would like your child to bring a packed lunch please could you let us know so I can inform the temple of the numbers of children having lunch. They have requested that all food brought into the temple is vegetarian. Meat, fish and eggs are prohibited from the temple. 

It is going to be a really exciting and educational day. Thank you for your continued support, 

Miss Florek

They will be leaving school after 9am by coach and returning to school for 3.00pm.

The cost of the trip will be £14.50 per child.  Payment will be sent through parentmail pay.