Weekly Menus - Parent/Carer Information

As our schools continue to be closed to the vast majority of pupils we want to ensure all families have some support for home learning in whatever form that may have in your home.
As we have said and continue to do so, there is no pressure in these unusual times. We have shared lots of information with you and will continue to do so.
Our advice is to do ‘little and often’ and don’t forget to mix school work with fresh air in the garden, exercise at home and learning new skills.
We will provide the equivalent of daily Maths and English activities as well as a bank of other weekly curriculum activities which you can dip in and out of.
There is no checklist or timetable for families to follow – this would be impossible when trying to juggle multiple children and working from home!
It may be that as parents/carers you are taking it in turns to be with your children so you only have a morning/afternoon/2 hours each day etc. to spend on home learning. You do not need to do all of these things, please be kind to yourselves and pick and choose from the weekly ‘menu’ according to what suits your situation.
A new menu will be added to the website under your child’s year group page by the Friday evening of the previous week.